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Consumer Protection Suspends License, Freezes Accounts

Options Credit Services Canada Ltd a BC licensed debt settlement company is in the news again. On Dec 5 2013 the BC Consumer protection Agency suspended the license of the company and seized the bank accounts associated with the company. Options Credit Services,


What to Wear to a Sports Game Date

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Simple Hair

Avoid complicated up dos and 2 hour prep time hairstyles for the event. Again, think casual when styling your hair. Wear it down or half up. Consider the venue and how that will affect your hairdo. Leave your bling and clunky pieces at home. A baseball cap for the team you rooting for can not only keep hair under control, but also show your cheap jerseys team support. Keep jewelry minimal and stick with one or wholesale jerseys china two things, such as studded earrings and a silver necklace, or a bracelet. Or try and find jewelry that matches the colors of the team you're wholesale jerseys outlet there for.Articles Connexes´╝Ü